Algebraic Arrows


Complicated quantum analytical circumference referencing was used to calculate the median to long-term probability of a galaxy cross-inversion blackout.

A conceptual algebraic-flow with parallel functions.

Using such partial equations as addition (+) and multiplication (*) along with variations of division (/) and subtraction (-) a field analysis sub-system result across four vertices shows the exact galaxy time and space place of the next occurrence.

Measurements can be used to extrapolate and back-fill time-segments to allow a cohesion never before seen, thus we are able to see (in reverse) from whence the galaxies came from and whonce the galaxies go to, predicting, with 97% certainty the time of ... the Galactic Midnight.

Truth-think, a method of counter-intuitive action is the answer; a way to block the effects of anti-stars caused by... the Galactic Midnight.