It should be regarded as self-learning that internal dialogue can be a task to process if certain areas of psychology cannot be matched.

We are certain that time, as used during a conversation can also be affected by the Galactic Midnight.

Certainly, proof (though not evidence) can show that during Galactic Midnight events time can be viewed many ways. From linear, as per normal experience, and cross-sectional as per time dilution.

Time is diluted in a way that means from an observers point of view, many times and events happen in no discernible order.

There is no coherence in subjective or indeed objective viewing. Nothing is random.

These are shown to exist due to the chaotic nature of the Galactic Midnight, as large bodies in space cross-section themselves, as does the galaxy, and causes a chaotic chain of events.

Utilising and using the effects from Galactic Midnight have been known to be used in Cube construction.

References in the current spacetime show various and many versions of what is thought to be happening with Galactic Midnight, currently and in the recent past.