This is a recent (2022) development. Physical phenomena have been identified and witnessed in America's Mid-West.

Wyoming rancher in (redacted) has found a large hole in time (as well as space) He has anonymously reported that, as he recalls, it is a portal or some kind of worm hole, going forward two years.

On entering, time flows one way - known as a southpaw variance. On re-entering, time flows the other direction (northpaw), back to the starting point in space and time.

So far this is under investigation by (redacted), but it is believed more evidence is being gathered for assessment.

A feud with neighbours on the adjacent land is slightly hindering investigation, but not to a brick wall status.

Recent reports have outlined mountains disappearing and reappearing and strange rocks with what appear to be moving shapes of dark within them. Also, dinosaurs have been mentioned in discussions, but no concrete evidence or proof has been found as yet.

It must also be noted that the rancher has said they were affected by the active waves from this phenomena in time and space. When they went to search for lost cattle, he himself set off west, while the sons went north and south. The rancher's brother, when involved in Capricorn 1 Mars landing conspiracy also set off west, with his co-astronauts going north and south. This is not a coincidence.

Currently speculation, but the rock is probable to be hard evidence of actual Galactic Midnight. Awaiting further analysis.

References in the current spacetime show various and many versions of what is thought to be happening with Galactic Midnight, currently and in the recent past.