References found have been long and wide.

We bring together some of the most thought provoking and actionable references in this area.

NEW: GalacticMidnight phenomena has been sighted recently (2022) in the American mid-west.

For example, the Primer film shows undulating time and how to coordinate a traversal of said time.

Russian Doll examines how time can be happening at the same instance from different lines, how it can or can't be changed.

Similarly, Christopher Priest, an English author, known for cross-genre novels has used these ideas in many stories. He is identified as 'slip-stream'. Known for alternate realities, mirrors of identity and unreasonable narrators, he has examined these subjects in depth.

Coherence can be an issue when Galactic Midnight arrives in full and the main time lines are affected, as seen in one example here.

Utilising and using the effects from Galactic Midnight have been known to be used in Cube construction.

Simple experiments which have been shown even in teaching establishments show that light can be split down, disassembled into further lower lying light.

These are examples of the current Galactic Midnight.