The Galactic Midnight is a certainty derived from a through put of thought which can be counteracted by Truth-think - a construction of initiatives to oppose the belief system of the Universe.

Truth-think is a temporary, yet optimized mental barrier to the Galactic Midnight chaos. Proven at micro and macro levels this method elevates the bio-feedback conglomerate to allow non-relapse projection. The hippo-magula part of the brain, which controls frequency fluctuations, maintains and relinquishes the galactic transients with an effectual euphony yet for all energy aspects encountered. Each one in a propositional harmony to the anti-stars' negative light flow.

Certain evidence of potential proof has been gathered, though it is random and somewhat counter-logical.

Real-time GalaxyScan predictive and real-time modelling to calculate the ... Galactic Midnight.

Not to be confused with knowing if something is randomness or predetermined.

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