We tend to focus on fine-grained analysis of this model; deep digging into the structure and outcome which can reveal many aspects of this initial state.

Another focus is to step back and analogise the phenomena in a way that can be better digested. In layman's terms if you will.

Warning though, this is hard to stomach.

Picture two donuts, one a sprinkle covered chocolate flat sphere and one of a sugar coated, donut-with-a-hole-in-the-middle chocolate variant.

These have been created far apart, are super-massive, yet are destined to meet.

To digest this analogy correctly, you must picture them smashing into each other, quite gradually on a galactic scale, but super-fast at a smaller level.

The meshing of the dough and chocolate and sugar and sprinkles causes ripples (in a scaffold trajectory) in the space-time continuum are felt throughout this system.

This invariably leaves us hungry for more, and as we dive into examples of the Galactic Midnight.